Why Treat the Fascia?

FCS (Fascial Counterstrain) is a gentle form of manual therapy that is highly effective in addressing dysfunction in the body’s fascial system. Injury, prolonged pain, trauma, and disease cause strain on the body’s deep fascial structures. These strains create myofascial spasm and prolonged restrictions around vital structures, such as, nerves, blood vessels, even organs. Common symptoms of musculo-skeletal pain are often the result of a reflexive protection of these deep structures creating muscle tightness, joint stiffness, limited mobility, and chronic pain.  A highly skilled FCS practitioner is able to identify and release the source of these restrictions. Learn more about FCS at the developer’s (Brian Tuckey PT, OCS, JSCCI) site


MFR™ (Myofascial Release) is also a manual therapy treatment that uses gentle sustained pressures in the direction of ease to release restricted areas of the fascia. As the web of restricted fascia releases the body is able to return to a more normal state of balance and alignment.  Read more treatment details on the site of John F. Barnes.


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The Fascia

Fascia is a three-dimensional network of connective tissue that surrounds and inter-connects with every muscle, blood vessel, nerve, and organ of your body.

Why Treat the Fascia

The body’s fascial system is the largest sensory organ in the body. It is a complex system of connective tissue that dynamically connects, protects, and provides structure to all systems in the body. Dysfunction in the fascial system can be responsible for numerous types of pain, limited mobility, chronic conditions, and potentially impact disease states.