Derek’s astute ability and holistic approach to uniting the physical body elements of myofascial release with the energetic realms of the human spirit are instrumental in creating the necessary “space” for personal healing to occur. I would highly recommend his services to anyone facing a life-changing event where a clear body, mind, spirit connection is desired for one’s inner-healing.

Beth, Patient

I’ve been to lots of physical therapists, but Derek is by far the best of any in my experience. I started seeing him again in 2010 for a “tune-up” and I’ve been fascinated by how much his practice has changed and deepened. He certainly isn’t satisfied with the status quo! Derek is great at explaining the mechanics of muscles and bones, and he’s also superbly open to the possibilities of mind-body interactions. I feel lucky to know such a good physical therapist.

Sarah, Patient

My lower back problem has required adjustments throughout my spine.  With many therapists in larger groups, as soon as the main complaint is corrected your care is complete.  Derek’s philosophy is to treat the person not the body part. He has prepared me for the physical and mental/emotional challenges I have faced during my rehabilitation. My low back is much improved. We are continuing to work on my posture and upper body problems that have contributed to my chronic problems.  I can exercise or vacuum without the stiffness I would suffer for days afterwards. Since Derek and Becky have opened Restore PT I must say that my care has only become more focused.  I have the utmost respect for them both and wish them every happiness and success for their futures.  I plan to send my patients to Restore PT.

Linda, Health Care Provider & Patient

I have suffered life-long head, neck, and jaw pain related to TMJ Syndrome and bruxism, and have also spent nearly as long in pursuit of relief. While I sought out many different answers via traditional methods, as well as some more unconventional practices that ranged from seeing a prosthodontist to an acupuncturist and everything in between, nothing really provided the substantial help that I needed. I saw Derek Metzler on a whim, after all but giving up the idea that I would find help, and was amazed at the results. I enjoyed significant relief in a short amount of time. I re-evaluated what had been my treatment plan, and I was able to halve the amount of medication I was taking for pain, as well as reconsider the orthodontic appliance I was wearing at night (I stopped) – both of which were treatment goals of mine. I have been over the moon with the progress I’ve made and continue to see Derek Metzler.

Hillary, Patient